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Fine Dining at Overture at Hidden Valley Wines in Stellenbosch (2020-12-05) Food and Drink | Photo Gallery 15 APR 2021

While my 40th birthday unfortunately fell in the middle of South Africa’s strict Covid-19 lockdowns (hello swing-ball in my garden and a rainbow cake from Chantelle), thankfully we were a little more lucky come December when Chantelle’s big 40 also came rolling into town. Kids safely dropped off with the grandparents in Bellville, we turned our attention to the big one – an exquisite five course gourmet dinner at the highly acclaimed, awarded winning Overture restaurant.

On the edge of Stellenbosch, tucked away in the foothills of the Helderberg Mountain above the vineyards of Hidden Valley Wines, Overture holds the distinction of being restaurateur and chef extraordinaire Bertus Basson’s first restaurant. Established in 2007, Overture quickly began winning accolade after accolade, swiftly rising up in the ranks of South Africa fine dining establishments, and with it, elevating the name of Bertus Basson. Known for celebrating South African produce like ethically-sourced fish and organic maize, these days head chef Drikus Brink and his kitchen team continue the mission of serving honest, simple, produce-driven cooking based on classical techniques.

Well that’s what the website says anyway. ‘Simple’ isn’t how I would describe the incredible menu at all! We opted to pair a wine tasting with our five course meal, an excellent idea as the broad spectrum of excellent wines suited each dish to perfection. From start to finish the food was exemplary. The canapés, the raw yellowtail, the roasted aubergine, the pork belly, the beef, the beetroot, the dessert – absolute fine dining heaven.

The plating, the simple stone decor, the view over the vineyards, the mountains, the brass fittings, the wine, the sculptures, having Bertus and his wife enjoying a meal an arm’s length away from us – this was an absolutely incredible experience for a foodie such as Chantelle and definitely one that was much enjoyed!

Weekends of Friends, Family and Markets My Life 30 JAN 2013

Last year I didn’t have too many weekends to enjoy, mainly because Chantelle and I were pretty much running market stalls each and every Saturday and Sunday! This year however we’ve cut back on the markets, now only doing Hathersage every second Sunday, which effectively means that once again I have weekends to relax and recharge in – and it would appear that so far I’m doing my best to make up for lost time!

The past two weekends have been completely filled with friends and family, and yes markets, so in other words, so far so good. (And it helped that each Friday work finished up with a drinks session!)

Jessica pushing Logan around in a cart

Two weekends ago I found myself tied up in the Lance Armstrong confession on Oprah, discovered a great new Fish & Chips shop at the Gordon’s Bay Pick ‘n Pay complex, taking in the forgettable Madagascar 3, paying R65 for the privilege of a new debit card which is annoying seeing as ABSA were the ones who gave it an expiry date in the first place, purchasing super expensive kiddies shoes for Jess (R240 is far two much for shoes smaller than my fist!), not to mention an awesome braai with friends which saw me testing out my new gazebo, playing FIFA offline with the boys, and of course teaching their little ones the bad habit of jumping off the lounge table (something which I taught to Jessica and must still showcase here on this site)!

And topping all of that off, Sunday was spent first visiting the pretty cool new Root 44 market that recently opened its doors, as well as ending off with a surprisingly enjoyable stop at the classic Blaauwklippen market, where we ended up buying Jessica a pretty fun toy (Walltrax, yet another thing I still need to get around to showcasing here on this blog!).


Last weekend on the other hand I found myself enthralled by the Proteas versus New Zealand cricket, taking in the awesome Dark Knight Returns Part 1, purchasing a new sound card for my home desktop machine, entertaining the Montgomery Clan for an awesome Snoek and Yellowtail fish braai, playing offline Blur versus Robert, visiting with Chantelle as she handled the stall at Hathersage Market, and enjoying some Lotter Clan family time by eating waffles at Ryan’s pad in celebration of his 30th birthday.

hathersage market vibe - the marimba band

And from the looks of it, the next couple of weekends should feature more of the same, with at least one friends’ expedition to Stellenbosch confirmed, a possible night market adventure on the cards, as well as a potential day out at the cricket.

Socially busy, busy, busy, just the way that I like it! :)