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Japan 2014 – 20 From Yokohama to Kyoto via the Shinkansen (Bullet Train!) (2014-10-05)

A massive storm was moving in towards Japan, and so it was no surprise to wake up to a rather wet Yokohama on our day of departure to Kyoto. After yet another nice hotel breakfast room breakfast, we purchased umbrellas… Continue Reading →

Japan 2014 – 19 The Nissan Stadium, aka The International Stadium Yokohama (2014-10-04)

Having ended off a long but super sightings filled day in Tokyo, Ryan and I took the train back to Yokohama, deciding along the way to make use of the remaining light to take a walking trip through to the… Continue Reading →

Japan 2014 – 11 Yokohama at Night – World Porters, Cosmo World, and… the Landmark Tower! (2014-10-03)

With the Yokohama Oktoberfest beer garden now well and truly behind us, onward we marched towards the giant, neon lit ferris wheel in the distance, stopping only because we were distracted by the lights coming from the rather prominent Yokohama… Continue Reading →

Japan 2014 – 10 Kaiko Promenade, a Red Brick Warehouse, and… Oktoberfest in Yokohama! (2014-10-03)

So just like that, Terrance was gone, and my brother Ryan and I found ourselves alone in Tokyo, Japan – one of the biggest and most populated cities in the world. Right. Amazingly though, Ryan had already figured out what is… Continue Reading →

Japan 2014 – 07 Irish Guinness at Celts in Yokohama (2014-10-02)

So our first day in Japan (with Terrance as tour guide) was a pretty good one. Temples, Towers, Robots and Baseball, one certainly couldn’t argue against us deserving a bite to eat and something decent to drink in order to cap off what… Continue Reading →

Japan 2014 – 06 DeNA BayStars at the Yokohama Stadium (2014-10-02)

Having already enjoyed a jam-packed day in Tokyo that saw us wander around Zojoji temple, view Tokyo from above via the iconic Tokyo Tower, and stand in the shadow of a giant Gundam in front of DiverCity, we scurried back… Continue Reading →

Japan 2014 – 02 From Yokohama to to Minato in search of Tokyo Tower! (2014-10-02)

I had no trouble in having a good sleep in my bed in our small Super Hotel Yokohama room following our first night in Japan, and indeed, woke up refreshed and super excited to tackle this wondrous new world full… Continue Reading →

Japan 2014 – 01 Flying to Tokyo Narita Airport in Japan – and arriving in Yokohama! (2014-09-30)

Seeing as today marks Terrance and Yuko’s first wedding anniversary, it seems fitting to finally (a year later), kick off the posting of all my Japan 2014 photos to the blog. So as I outlined before, last year Ryan and… Continue Reading →

Japan 2014: An Adventure in the Land of the Rising Sun

In October 2014 I embarked on my very first overseas trip ever – to the one destination that I’ve always wanted to see above all others: Japan. Terrance, a friend I have known since primary school, has been living in… Continue Reading →

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