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When Your Zend Framework Project returns Page Not Found Errors but Everything is Configured Correctly

It can be pretty frustrating. Your Zend Framework project is configured 100% correctly. Mod Rewrite is enabled and working on your server, the .htaccess file is configured correctly and working, all your controllers are correctly created and specified, all with the necessary index actions, your modules are healthy, in short everything is looking 100% like all the examples taught you. Yet for some reason when you try and browse your site, you keep getting Page Not Found, Controller not specified error messages!

Zend Framework: How to Build a Dynamic Layout by Setting Variables in your Controllers

I have a Zend Framework website that is broken up into modules. Accordingly, I want my single layout.phtml Layout script to dynamically change ever so slightly depending on what module or rather controller I hit – in my case change the header image. So how do we do this?

How to Create a Zend Framework Project that Uses Modules

If your website can be logically split into a number of different functionalities, it makes sense to group those functionalities accordingly. In Zend terminology we are talking about modules, literally the folder splitting of logically grouped pieces of functionality. However, by default a generated Zend Framework project isn’t modular and to get the thing properly modularized, here’s what you have to do.

How to create Menus and Breadcrumbs in Zend Framework using the Config .ini File

To create navigation menu items in the Zend Framework by storing all the information in your config application.ini file turns out to be a relatively simple affair.

Worth Reading: Zend Framework in Action (Rob Allen, Nick Lo, Steven Brown)

Let me start off if you want to learn to program, or learn to program in PHP specifically, you don’t learn by starting off using a framework. That is not going to teach you anything other than making you unable to solve small problems in the most efficient manner.

How to Create a Zend Project from the Command Line with zf

To generate an empty project shell using the Zend Framework is pretty easy thanks to the powerful zf command line utility.

Simple Zend Tutorial for People Starting Out… with Zend

This post serves more as a bookmark for me than anything else, now that I have been tasked with learning the icky world of Zend and its MVC pattern from the powers above here at work. Learning Zend is not for the faint hearted, that is for sure, and just finding your feet takes a fair bit of reading.

How to Install the Zend Framework in Windows Vista for a Web Developer

If you already have a web development environment set up on your machine and don’t necessarily want to run the whole Zend Server package and instead just want to create Zend projects using the Zend Framework, then this simple how to install Zend Framework tutorial should be perfect for you.

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