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Visitations My Life 15 JUL 2008

Gordons BaySo after returning not all that late from what was a really spectacular wedding on Saturday evening, the sick as a dog me was understandably more than a little eager to simply spend the rest of Sunday in bed recovering, a particularly tantalising option considering that I would have the house to myself anyway seeing as Chantelle was once again at work serving the family.

And of course, at that very moment that particular thought crossed my mind, the universe stepped in to intervene… as is always the case! :)

First up to disturb my Sunday sick break was none other than the intrepid trio of Terrance, Zania and Dean who had decided on a fishing trip to Gordon’s Bay, taking advantage of the absolutely fantastic weather we experienced here in the Cape over the weekend. And while the fishing apparently turned up little more than a plastic bag and seaweed, the tantalising prospect of takeaways from Ooskus Fisheries was more than enough of a beacon to draw Terrance into a longer visit in Gordon’s Bay, hence the knock on my door early afternoon.

Along for the ride, Dean had also brought with him his brand spanking new purchase of a Zoga TV game system, basically a Chinese rip-off of all those wonderful 8 bit gaming systems we used to enjoy as kids back in the day. The system comes bundled with two controllers, a light gun and a cartridge purporting to have 9999999 games on it, but obviously being the knock-off system that it is, only really contains around five or so different games on it. Nevertheless, it does contain Super Mario Bros. on it, and Dean immediately set about showing us who is king at the old classic, while I in turn showed off my shooting prowess in Duck Hunt of all things! …And Zania in turn was left fuming as we kept hogging the turns after she died so quickly every time! :)

As always, it was tons of fun to have the three of them over for a visit (even if I was sitting huddled under a blanket for most of the time) and despite their best efforts, I sadly declined joining them for takeaways when they finally left my place just after 15:00, a sad but necessary decision for sure. Still, it doesn’t help to learn that apparently the Ooskus WAS delicious as always! :(

But like I said earlier, my opportunity for grabbing some much needed rest time to try and beat the sickness was not going to be forthcoming, because next on the visitor’s list was Mom and Pops, who had decided that a visit in Gordon’s Bay was now finally in order seeing as they had last been here well over two months ago! Chantelle was also quite eager to see them again, and so when they arrived just after 16:00, I quickly gave C a tinkle to let her know that the time to duck work was now upon her.

The four of us had a fabulous visit as always, thanks especially to the scrumptious milk tart that Chantelle quickly picked up on the way over (and which my stomache allowed me to eat), and the visit extended so long that we even ended up inviting Mom and Pops to hang around for some snackwiches and soup for dinner. I think it was only around 21:00 or so that Dad finally had enough and declared it time to go, leaving us with just enough time to clean out the honking fish tank and do the dishes, before going straight to bed for some well deserved recovery rest time at last!

Oh and in case you were wondering what the number one topic in all these visits actually was – look no further than the ever adorable Olympus and Coco. Truly if you are single and in the market, do yourself a favour and buy a kitten or puppy ASAP! Your chances of hooking up will surely never be higher! :P

The Fallout Begins My Life 15 JUL 2008

Craig Lotter Profile PictureSo the fallout from the unsavoury events surrounding the ‘discovery’ of my blog by my colleagues and the subsequent fall out over some of its less than flattering comments has finally come to fruition.

And although I have agreed to stop commenting on office politics and life at work in general, this last post on matters at the office serves the same ideal as all the rest of my entries – to disseminate information about what is happening in my life to my friends, family and loved ones.

Today Kyle and I had a very amicable 3 hour long meeting where we discussed the matter at great length and I was fairly surprised to learn at just how serious an extent this matter was being discussed around the department and even the faculty as a whole.

Although a lot of my writing is generally tongue in cheek in nature, there are entries that are admittedly spiteful and vitriolic at times, usually mirroring the emotions I was going through at the time of writing them as it turns out that writing and drawing just happens to be my personal emotional outlet. Unfortunately of course, my decision to not hide anything behind fake names or a simple non de plume means that some of these entries have quite understandably upset a number people and as such created a fair ripple throughout the department – something for which I truly am apologetic about.

And to further complicate matters, the fact that while it was hosted on my ‘personal space’ within the Commerce server, it was still being hosted on a Commerce-owned server and as such throws the entire team and department in a bad light, never mind the fact that it can also be seen as an utter abuse of work property. Also, while 90% of my entries are usually time delayed to appear during peak SA online activity times, the fact that they do appear to ‘appear’ during work hours when I am supposed to be doing faculty work is of course another cause of concern that was raised and understandably so.

So as I mentioned, Kyle and I had a very long discussion about things and how they stand and while the matter certainly isn’t settled by a long shot, I am glad that the process has now started and that I can begin to accept the responsibility for my actions whatever the consequences may be.

The point of the matter is that I am sorry for how things turned out and I do understand that I did make a rather big mistake and that I am actually VERY wrong – something that I don’t usually admit to I shamefully have to add.

In any event, that is where I am going to leave things for now… the stubborn ass that I am is in more than enough trouble already thank you very much :(