ExplosionF*ck, F*ck, F*ck. You may or may not be aware, but at the moment I’m seriously grafting on my SAN Access system in order to get a complete system up and running before I go on leave this Friday.

It’s a lot of work and I even spent a large portion of this past weekend coding on the project. In fact, my plan is to come through to work by car early morning for the rest of the week, simply because it affords me another hour and a half extra at work.

So imagine my horror as I drag myself into the office just after 06:30, only to discover Kyle is already in the office (He’s on leave, but one would never say that because he is ALWAYS here). He had a bit of juicy news for me to. Apparently we had a massive power failure here at UCT last night and the UPS gave out before any of the technicians could power down the servers.

As a result, the actual physical Storage Area Network Unit attached to OBE1 obviously died as well. Only now, it doesn’t seem like we can bring it back online! Kyle has spent the whole morning on it and nothing!

Shit! Even worse than the fact that I can’t do my work and came in early for nothing (I am dead tired as it is), I just realised that I have no backups of the work that I’m doing on the web site hosted on the physical SAN box. If we can’t get it up and at least get the data off then I’m well and truly screwed!

This is not a great morning to be me :(

Update: Oh thank you, thank you, thank you. We’ve managed to get the damn thing running again. We basically disassembled the whole box and then slotted everything back in again. It’s up and running, I can stop crying like a little girl and copy my stuff off ASAP!