Situated in the Bottelary Hills of Stellenbosch, the Hazendal (literally valley of the hares) wine estate has enjoyed a long and storied history in the area, having first been established as a farm way back in 1699. The land frequently changed ownership over the following 300 years, before finally ending up in the capable hands of Russian born Mark Voloshin, a colourful international businessman, investor and philanthropist who purchased the estate in 1994, on the eve of the first democratic election in South Africa.

In the years that followed, Voloshin and his capable team set about restoring the estate’s facilities and resurrecting its potent wine making capabilities, and as part of the process infused the estate with a celebration of Russian culture, their efforts culminating in the 2018 launch of Hazendal as a multi-faceted winelands destination.

And what a wonderful destination they’ve crafted indeed. Home to an incredible range of wines and a beautiful wine tasting lounge, Hazendal also offers picturesque accommodation options and a wellness spa, a Mashie golf course, conference and wedding venue facilities, the Marvol art gallery, a classic car collection, and numerous culinary options like its Babushka Deli, picnics, food truck, Pivnushka Beer Garden, and of course its famous Russian Tea Ceremony.

The kids are spoiled with the fantastic Wonderdal edutainment centre and the Kleine Hazen Putting Park, not to mention the wide open spaces that come with Hazendal’s rolling green picnic lawns and striking art installations. All in all, the estate is a wonderful weekend destination that ticks the boxes of just about anyone that pays it a visit, and without a doubt a fantastic addition to the thriving Stellenbosch winelands scene.

An intriguing mix of Eastern European heritage, South African tradition and an overarching Cape Dutch aesthetic – architecture, art, wine and wide open space, what more could one ask for?

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