Aargh, so frustrating! Finally after a year of building back up from the money lows reached during Chantelle’s unpaid maternity leave, finally when I have enough spare cash to splash out on either a dishwasher or a television for the braai room, the bloody stove goes and acts up again!

Our little Defy 600 STS Ther@fan and us certainly haven’t enjoyed a very harmonious 1st year together, and after spending more than enough money on it to keep it running over the period (well, to be fair, I think it was only twice), this latest little game it is playing with us by screwing with its dials is the final straw that broke this camel’s back!

So on Gumtree an advert has gone, and pleasingly enough we have already had some interest, so hopefully out it goes – I need the convenience of an always working oven, not one I have to keep hoping will work when I need it! :)

Anyway, Chantelle and I have already done a bit of shopping about for a replacement, and after much deliberation, it would seem that we’ve settled on a very nice little unit from Whirlpool, from Tafelberg Meubels for around R3,500 – could have gone for a cheaper KIC model, but we both decided that in the end, a therma fan oven is more useful than an oven without one of these heat spreading devices.

And besides, the little money we hope to make off the Defy should bring this down to under R3,000.

Of course, this also means a new hob as these units go hand in hand, but at least we get to keep the existing extractor fan… and our kitchen gets a shiny new look!

Still, I really, really could have done with that TV or dishwasher you know…